Welcome to my blog about men’s fashion, travel and lifestyle. You’ll find quality, original content about the things in life that genuinely interest me. I won’t promise to publish posts regularly. Not every day, nor every week. I will publish posts when they are ready. Instances when substance, quality writing and good grammar come together. I blog about Men’s Travel because I think a man should go travelling from time to time. Like the scent he wears, the places and cultures he has visited linger in his eyes and hangs from his mouth. Travelling opens his heart and mind, broadens his horizons, and helps find the place he is most comfortable with himself. I’ve been on family excursions, experienced luxury retreats with my girlfriend and back-packed continents on my own. Men’s Travel encompasses segments of diary, review and recommendation, based on my first-hand experience of the places I have visited. I will share a diary of my travels from time to time, maybe write a hotel review, tell you what to pack for certain trips, where to go on vacation with your loved one – I could go on. In each and every post, I promise to be helpful and honest.

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The Naka Phuket Hotel Review

The Naka Phuket Hotel Summary The average rating of four out of five stars and being ranked number 15 of 34 hotels in Kamala, Phuket on TripAdvisor do not automatically mean you will enjoy your stay at The Naka Phuket…