Welcome to my blog about men’s fashion, travel and lifestyle. You’ll find quality, original content about the things in life that genuinely interest me. I won’t promise to publish posts regularly. Not every day, nor every week. I will publish posts when they are ready. Instances when substance, quality writing and good grammar come together. Men’s Fashion is about dressing myself in a way that best represents who I am. I like functionality, quality and durability. I dislike pure aesthetics, branding and temporary trends. I will cover men’s style and outfits in popular categories. Casual, active sports, casual smart and formal. Come with me on my journey to find the right style and fit for clothes, bags and accessories. I will share with you how a piece of clothing hangs and feels, whether a bag is practical and worth owning, and what an accessory like a watch says about the bearer, say. I hope to share my experience with you so we can both discover the power and satisfaction of men’s fashion.

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