About ‘I Am Prvince’

Welcome to I Am Prvince, a blog about men’s fashion, men’s travel and men’s lifestyle. You’ll find original and honest content about the things in life that genuinely interest me.

I have always been interested in Men’s Fashion because I consider it to be an important facet of a man, who desires to harness the power of fashion and create everlasting impressions. Fashion has the power to pickup a man’s self-esteem or blend him into an environment. Even after two decades, I still vividly remember the feeling of wearing my first suit at my high school graduation – head up, chest up and going up.

I blog about Men’s Travel because I think a man should go travelling from time to time. Like the scent he wears, the places and cultures he has visited linger in his eyes and hangs from his mouth. Travelling opens his heart and mind, broadens his horizons, and helps find the place he is most comfortable with himself. I’ve been on family excursions, experienced luxury retreats with my girlfriend and back-packed continents on my own. Travel encompasses segments of diary, review and recommendation, based on my first-hand experience of the places I have visited. I will share a diary of my travels from time to time, maybe write a hotel review, tell you what to pack for certain trips, where to go on vacation with your loved one. I could go on. In each and every post, I promise to be helpful, frank and honest.

Men’s Lifestyle encompasses health and fitness, ranging from mental health to physical fitness. I have enjoyed sports, especially basketball, from a young age and I continue to play in my mid-thirties. With age comes the heightened awareness and responsibility to look after one’s health. Hitting the gym weights and taking a moderate run have become a staple of my diet, along with organic and other healthy foods. I’ll be sharing the things that work for me in the hope that it will work for you too.

I won’t promise to publish posts regularly, not every day nor every week. I will only publish a post when it’s ready. Ready when substance, quality writing and good grammar come together. I also promise to do my homework for every post. If I’m blogging about fashion, I’ll tell you how the fabric feels, how it should fit and how you can style it. If I’ve written a hotel review, I would have stayed at my own expense and experienced the hotels’ facilities and services first-hand. I will give you my honest opinion and not be influenced by any verbal or financial incentive. If I’m telling you about a specific product or brand, I will only do so after using it sufficiently myself and judged it’s worth sharing. I will hold myself accountable to these standards and in turn I hope you will enjoy reading I Am Prvince.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank three special people in my life. I would like to thank my mum and dad, who have been there for me at every turn and every corner, for the life they have gifted me – through determination and hard work. You will always be the most amazing people in my eyes. Then there’s my girlfriend Monica, who has been a guiding light in my journey to fulfil my dreams and ambitions. I would simply be lost without you. To all three of you, I don’t know why I deserve you but thank you so much for being here.

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